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\ ī-dē-‘ā-shən \

: the process of forming and relating ideas, concepts or images.

Ideation is a blend of idea and creation—the creative process of coming up with an idea.

Transforming Ideas Into Realities Through Technologies®

About Ideation

Ideation is a creative product design and development firm, specializing in technology, training, and program management services for civilian government agencies. We concentrate on providing technical and management content (in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and hazard mitigation) within software and training products and services.

We love to solve challenging problems, especially when solutions call for doing more with less. We use innovative—yet simple and practical—“design thinking” principles and then apply suitable technology.

We excel at processes involving:

  • Leading ideation sessions
  • Prototyping
  • Data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence/machine learning-based predictive analytics
  • Business process analysis
  • Visualizations
  • Instructional design for adult learning
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Broad examples of our products include:

  • Actionable Strategies
  • Software Applications
  • End-to-end IoT solutions
  • Multi-media training products
  • Training delivery on technical and management topics
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Internet Risk Meters Platform as a Service

The Internet of Things (IoT)-based Risk Meters Platform (IoRMP) consists of a network of sensors that provides site-specific, telemetric data and risk estimates to communities, first responders, and citizens. Artificial intelligence-based learning is used to produce site-specific risk estimates that help communities better plan for future hazard events. We provide the installation and maintenance of devices, data, and risk estimates as a service.

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“Not everyone has the skill to understand your business, understand how to incorporate technology to solve the problem at hand, AND build a prototype to actually see the solution before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. [Ideation, Inc.] does exactly this.”

—DHS client